Road Death & Injury Levels Too High?

  • Is your licensing process being adhered to objectively?
    Are test track assessments alone ensuring drivers are competent for real road conditions?
  • Are individual identities being verified at each step?
    Have all training and assessment requirements been adhered to?
    Is the process free of influence?
    Can the process be enhanced to assess real world driving capability?
  • VAE’s CosignoTM suite delivers objective licensing adherence and assessment solutions, ensuring driver qualification and safer roads!

VAE’s CosignoTM

CosignoTM delivers objective licensing through secure, portable adherence and enhancement solutions.  Integrating seamlessly into existing licensing process system architecture.

Curious how this all fits together?

Integration & Ecosystem

  • Okta | Access Management
  • Office 365 | Collaboration & Productivity
  • GSuite | Collaboration & Productivity
  • Microsoft Azure | Cloud Computing
  • AWS | Cloud Computing
  • Google Cloud | Cloud Computing
  • GitLab | Software Development
  • GitLab | Software Development
  • Docker | Software Development
  • Active Directory | Directory Service
  • Confluence | Collaboration
  • Dropbox Business Collaboration
  • Jira | ITSM
  • Oneldentity | Identity &Access Management
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About VAE

VAE is a company committed to delivering solutions that improve road safety outcomes. Leveraging and capitalising on decades of experience delivering safety related solutions to the global transport sector, including Transport for London, Indian Railways, HK MTR, Sydney Transport & many others. VAE’s innovative solutions ensure that state licensing processes are adhered to and enhanced.


To improve global road safety through innovative technology focused on process adherence & enhancement solutions


To be the partner of choice and global leader in the delivery of solutions & services that ensure individual driver competency is achieved and verified


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